Waikiki: A History of Forgetting and Remembering
October 2006
est 186 pages, 122 color illustrations
ISBN 0-8248-2979-4
clothbound $29.00 USD

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Waikiki: A History of Forgetting and Remembering is a work of art, critical history, and investigative journalism that assumes the unlikely form of a coffee table book. Written in an accessible style, the book creatively draws from historical text and images to tell the story of Waikîkî’s transformation from a self-sustaining community to one of the world’s most popular and overdeveloped vacation destinations.

The result is an innovative collaboration between an art historian and an artist. Written by Andrea Feeser, the text is carefully researched and masterfully woven, using literary metaphors alongside documentary evidence and historical narrative. Artist Gaye Chan contributes lush and haunting imagery that at once serves to illustrate the text and questions the veracity of photographic evidence.

Equally satisfying for a Hawaiiana enthusiast or a cultural studies scholar, a visitor or a long-time Hawai‘i resident, the book offers little-known facts about Waikîkî as well as theoretical and poetic reflections on the very process of memory and history making.

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Published by University of Hawai‘i Press, this book is a project of DownWind Productions, a collaborative founded by Chan and Feeser in 1999, and funded by Creative Capital, the Gunk Foundation, and the Hawai‘i Peoples’ Fund. More information on DownWind Productions can be found at downwindproductions.com.

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